The magnificent golden city in the heart of thar desert attracts thousands of tourist by its romantic settings and sheer beauty, as it used to do many years ago – to attract thousands of merchant because of its precarious position on the silk route. The city is is still replete with mystic charm of medieval era. As one approaches Jaisalmer, the magnificent stretch of massive yellow sandstone walls and bastions emerge out of the desert haze in awesome glory. The city is indeed a true citadel, as the entire living area is secured within the ramparts of the fort . These sound walls , imposing gateways and ramparts were instrumental in warding off many attacks and wars, and thus increasing the glory of its brave bhati rajputs ruling clan the decendents of lord Krishna. In 1156 Rao Jaisal of this clan founded this legendary city , after abandoning the fort of lodhurva as exactly foretold many years ago by lord Krishna to Arjun that a descendent of yadav clan would build his kingdom atop this trikut hills, which would be formidable for centuries. The bhati rajputs were fudel chiefs and a feared lot known for their chivalry and valour . They levied taxes on the caravans that travelled the silk route to delhi or sindh and also rampaged other kingdoms and amassed huge wealth to their city. The merchants and all classes of society were prosperous as is well exhibited in its richly carved and decorated havelis. Jaisalmer was invaded in 1315 by Allaudin khilji and later by Tughlaq in 1325. It was one of the last states to be taken under british empire.

Today the city has preserved its rich heritage and culture as well has incorporated many a luxury and comfort of modern times . The city has an awe inspiring landscape of sprawling sand dunes as well has an excellent connectivity by road and air to other major Indian cities . Even new construction keep in mind the high standards of beauty and intricate carvings on yellow sand stone which creates this fairy town tale.